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Social Media Development, Consulting, Education & Coaching

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You want to be found on the internet.  Today!

You want your creative work to
"POP" at your customers!

You want to be seen, heard and followed.

We will help you get noticed, get clients, get work, get paid.

GJD Media International LLC is dedicated to provide you the most technology robust solutions for the web today.  Whether it's social media services, creating and uploading video, pictures or music or selling your product on the internet, we can help you.  We create, educate, serve and support our clients....that is YOU!

We currently provide an in-depth program to help you establish your business on the internet. We have personalized coaching programs, 1-2 hour overviews or structured classes to help you create your business on social media pages or your own website.  
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Companies and their Employees that have used GJD Media International LLC:
- Tiffany and Bosco (Law Firm)               - Components Electronic Systems (Security, Home Theater)
- Idea Three Creative (Web Design)        - Todd Photography (Photos Services, Aerial & more)
- FastSigns Goodyear                               - Paul Lorenz, State Farm Insurance
- RoadRunner Construction Inc.              - Compass Cleaning Solutions (Commercial Cleaning)
- Maids of Honor Housekeeping               - Mimi Jae Photography
- National Automotive Repair                   - Glenn Forstner Construction
- Title Management Inc.                           - Sonoran Sites Inc. (Web Site Design)

Also over 500+ Phoenix area REALTORS! 

  In our 8 week Lunch and Learn programs, you will have a complete social media presence on a blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, along with relevant business profiles setup on LinkedIn and Google. You will understand how to use these sites to grow YOUR business! Learn how to market YOUR business on these sites for FREE!

You bring your computer, wi-fi is available. Each session is HANDS ON. You will create during the class. There will be homework each week as well. Guaranteed fun and you will learn lots!

Week 1-Introduction to Linked In
Week 2-Overview of a Blog
Week 3-
Personal Facebook Page
Week 4-Create a Facebook Fan Page
Week 5-Twitter Overview
Week 6-Twitter Tools and Timesavers
Week 7-Google Profile and YouTube
Week 8-YouTube Videos and "Linking it all Together"

Register: info@GJDMedia.com or call 623-556-3616

Social Media and Creating Your Business – “Hands On!”

This is an 8 session “hands on” program, done with computers!  I promise clients will leave this program with their social networking pages setup on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, along with relevant business profiles setup on LinkedIn and Google profile. They will have the information/tools to have a business social media presence.  They will understand how to use these sites to grow their business!   

  1. Overview of the "big picture", why use social media sites?   How can they help you?  De-mystifying what it takes to use social media sites
  2. Decide to create a social media strategy/plan and track the business results. 
  3. Overview of each site: LinkedIn, a blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Profile.
  4. Hands on setup of social media sites, with student homework to follow at home:
    • Setup up LinkedIn – show building a profile, connecting and joining groups
    • Review blogging, blog sites, how to create a blog strategy
    • Facebook: personal pages and create a business page
    • Twitter: What is Twitter, its uses, create a Twitter page, cover other important Twitter applications.
    • Google+:  Setup and use of Google+, including a business page
    • YouTube: Explain the importance of consistently using video (SEO), setup YouTube account, linking to Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Tying it all together: Linking all sites, grow your "Sphere of Influence", growing more clients, staying consistent, relevant.

This 8 session program, is totally convenient for you, we meet where and when you would like to meet including online sessions.  All 8 sessions must be completed within a 12 week window.  Sessions are 1.5 hours each with homework and review. Cost is $1050.00.  Be be sure to include your email address and phone number as part of the transaction.  Purchase now through Google Checkout below:

GJD Media International L.L.C.
344 S. Trontera Circle
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

Home to: The papaGG Band (www.papaGG.com), "How to Create a Virtual Tour for Free", Copper Skies Duet (www.CopperSkies.us) and more to come.   
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